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  2006.12.10  08.02
WAR: a prologue


prologue: strange visitors

The man woke suddenly with the room around him shuddering. He was on a chaise longue on a balcony somewhere near the fourteenth floor of the time and space craft that had become his home these last few years. He didn’t sleep much. He didn’t need to. Pushing the shock of unruly dark hair out of his eyes he strode down the central corridor towards the front control room. The cloister bell was ringing loudly. He tried to ignore it.

Pushing through the double doors, he entered the control room where the central console was dutifully pulsing as the craft continued a parking orbit around a small star in the orion cluster. He stopped and stared as a wall of roundels activated video footage and all broadcast the same image, that of a massive dreadnought spaceship with the Royal emblem of Rassilon on the side, on flames, breaking apart, dipping into the atmosphere of a planet.

“Oh no”, he said to no-one in particular. “Oh no, this can’t be right”.

It was at this point that the voices agreeing with him came from behind him.


  2006.07.21  19.11
ultimate fanfiction

two: 'Complications'

Jack still couldn't believe that this man facing his was real. Except for the holo-jammers in the satellite, he would have thought it was somebody's idea of a joke. The Doctor. The TARDIS. Here. He blinked. The Doctor merely kept his half-smile on and watched his host's reaction. Jack took a deep breath and ran his composure mantra through his brain. Clear the mind. Restore calm. Assimilate new information one piece at a time. Reduce panic inducing situation. The Doctor laughed good-naturedly.

'Those corporate manuals are actually quite good', he ventured then stopped as if lost in thought. 'Actually, I think I wrote a couple of those for Osiris Inc. Hmmmmm.'

Jack had closed his eyes, rubbing three fingers against his temple. The Doctor waited. Jack re-opened his eyes. The Doctor was still there but at least he had restored a modicum of calm to himself.

Finally after some minutes of silence between them, Jack spoke.

'So, Doctor. Why are you here? '

The Doctor ceased peering about the room and returned Jack's curious gaze.

'Indeed. The eternal question, eh?' he replied before getting up and hiking across the room, his umbrella before him like a staff. He poked at a few bits and pieces and then turned to face Jack again, a more serious look on his iscrutable face. Of all his incarnations, this was the one most people had difficulty reading his intentions or mood. And he knew it. And he was perfectly content to let it remain this way.

The Doctor waved Jack to sit down.

He sat opposite the tall man and looked at him sadly.

'It's about your death, Jack.' , he said, allowing a pause for his companion to reflect on what he had said.

'Oh, and also the end of everything.'

Jack just sat there, bewildered.


  2006.07.17  23.29

Prologue: 'The darkest stars in the sky'

Satellite Epilson 17-Alpha technically couldn't exist. Outside of time and suspended in the heart of a dying universe's last gasp, it defies everything we know about the laws of physics. And yet it is.

one: 'Rift'

Col Jack Pike sat at the round table in the observatory bay, staring out into the darkness of the space surrounding the satellite station. The expansive room was quiet as per usual. This was Jack's place to come and think. His life had taken so many strange twists and turns that he often found himself closed off to the world and simply trying to get his thoughts in order and assimilate the information he was being fed.

He took a sip from the vending machine coffee and sighed. Running his hands over his newly shaved head, he tilted his head from side to side to feel the cricks in his neck, opened his eyes halfway and stopped suddenly, feeling the blood run cold in his body at the sight that greeted him. He stood up and walked slowly across the room in a daze, his eyes fixed on the object across the way. He stopped before it and stared, reaching out a hand to touch it before he knew what he was doing. It felt real to the touch. He stepped back to take it in. The blue police box stayed where it was as Jack tried to take it in. It was real. It was here. This was all impossible. A voice from behind him broke the silence. He whirled around to see the small man in the cream jacket standing behind him, leaning on an umbrella topped off with a question mark handle. The man grinned theatrically.

'Not half as impossible as your satellite, though, to be fair', came the slightly accented voice.


  2006.07.17  23.24

This is a re-post from last year- I wanted to get the ball rolling on this again so here is the original post and then I will put a new one in- anyone and everyone is welcome to participate within the overall structure.

Okay, for anyone reading this, the ULTIMATE CHALLENGE is now open. What each contributor to this challenge is asked to do is the following:

(a) write a story ( any length you find fits the narrative) involving your favorite fanfic character(s) that includes at least one 'element' from the overall ULTIMATE CHALLENGE storyline. The elements include a reference to the breakdown of reality, the inclusion of one of the team of multiverse agents or one of Col.Jack Pike's men who monitor reality and seek to stabilise any disruptions. Post the story up stating that it is part of the challenge and it will be referenced into the final listing with beginning story, middle chapter and end chapters written by me, tying it all together.

(b) Write a story based on an outline that I will give you, tying in to the overall story.

The full beginning chapter will be up over the next couple of days, if you need help or inspiration in the Ultimate challenge.

The main thrust of this series is to have a group of different writers come together and write from different points of view and not to hold back. This is a chance to put up the craziest stuff you have ever thought about writing and not hold back.

Some of the no-holds barred approach type ideas I've been thinking about include

* God teaming up with Michael Moore.

* Captain Jean-Luc Picard teaming up with a gay slash version of himself and being horrified at how badly written the other Picard is.

* The Gay Daleks going back in time to the Stonewall riots of 1969.

* The new adventures of Delia Smith

* Steve Irwin transported to a planet of intelligent crocodiles.


  2006.02.23  22.51
The star wars pez theater

(notes for pez theater)

The star wars pez theatre presents :

Episode IV: A new form of candy

Intro: a long long time ago in a galaxy vastly more sugary than ours....

We open on a long stretch of desert with a young boy (Luke) standing on an outcropping ridge staring wistfully at the two candy moons.

(from below and stage left) "Luke! Luke! Have you gotten those sugar spinners shut down for the night? "

Luke: (mutters) "Oh for F**ks sake, Uncle Hoeing, give it a rest. Gods, I can't wait until the sugar cane season is over and I can join my friends at the academy of sweet things"

Hoeing: "I heard that, you ungrateful little bastard"

Beru: (very low so hoeing can hear but we can't)

Hoeing: "So what? That doesn't mean I can't still whup his ass"

Beru: (too low to hear again)

Hoeing: "oh yeah...well, yeah, the lightning wouldn't be cool at all"

Hoeing: " Er, take your time Luke. See you tomorrow"


  2005.08.23  18.29
Buck Rogers or ' How to revive a cheesy old tv show'

(This is part of a writing exercise designed to see how people would tackle reviving an old tv show- the cheesier, the better. There is no such thing as a bad basic premise- there is only a badly DONE basic premise.

How would YOU revive a cheesy old tv show like 'Buck Rogers in the 2th Century' to make it relevant, watchable and original for a modern tv audience. Hey, if Ron Moore can make 'Battlestar Galactica' gripping and enjoyable, there's hope for many a tv show. Anyhoo, here's my initial attempt at writing a pilot for a new 'Buck Rogers in the 25th Century' show. Enjoy.

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  2005.05.05  21.12
doctor who: zero the mini-series

So I've been having a lot of ideas with the whole zero project so I figured I'd do them as a mini-series type deal and split the ideas into four separate episodes, approx one hour long each or thereabouts. So the overall project title, as if it was a tv mini is still

dr who: zero

and it breaks down to the following the Doc in his first couple of years of travelling away from Gallifrey. The first one is the zero story that I have already posted up. The others follow on from it.

i) gallifrey : what made the Doctor who he is today? What made him leave his own planet and privileged rank in society?

ii) susan: who was the young girl who the first doctor called his grandaughter? where did she come from and how did she end up with the doctor, travelling around time and space?

iii) humanity: what makes earth so special to the Doctor? Here he takes a trip through earth's history to try to discover what makes the human race so important to the galactic future.

iv) war: the Doctor gets caught up once again in an interstellar conflict. he makes it his business to find out everything he can about the major players and to discover where his new found responsibilities and ares of influence should begin and end.


  2005.05.01  00.52
The Narnia Story ( or Two Doctors, one ace and a helping of C S Lewis)

( The Seventh Doctor and Ace come across a mysterious wood between the worlds and a ruined city where a great witch once ruled. The World of C S Lewis's
"The Magician's Nephew" meets Dr.Who. Hope you enjoy- be warned, it's long! )

The First City by Colin D Fox

Dedicated to C.S Lewis and Colin Baker.

Magic comes in many forms.

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  2005.05.01  00.41
Thoughts on the Narnia Story ( and poem)

I had a lot of ideas for a Dr.Who story I wanted to do where he visits a place so ancient and magical that even he is awestruck. There must be so few places in time and space that give him that genuine creepy chill/thrill of something so awesomely foreign or mysterious. All of which thinking brought me back to the idea of a first cirt, a notion I've returned to quite a few times in my own original fiction, as well as fanfiction stories. The poem below is an example of my ideas about the first city, ideas which merge into the Narnia depictions of Charn and the old ways before Aslan sang the new world into existence. Add into this, a tragic Sixth Doctor and you have my Narnia story.


Broken wide empty unconscious streets ,
houses before there were houses ,
walk the wide vistas on pavements so old .
The dried up side fountains gaze endlessly on ,
the sky remains somewhere beyond .

The first city , the quietness past time ,
an eternal example of time before time ,
this city can never die . Precursor,
it stays , crumbling but not as decay .
The streets will be last to feel light
when the day releases the night .

Somewhere in the sharp distance the
echo bells sound out their sentience ,
ringing inside some hollowed out
building , a building disturbing
us all - a shadow blot shape
on our image stamped conscience .
The bell sounds like memory
but never remembers .

Vague unfiltered
unease yet instinctive unmemory strains
through the shattered central plaza .
Who were the people who stood here
before ? The ones half caught
in the evening air . Where is
the city , I think I can know
but my shadow is sure .


  2005.04.30  23.21
The Narnia Story

Well. I found it. Lost for the last five years or so, I found a copy of the Dr.Who/ Narnia story I did back at the turn of the century. I'll post up a copy of it on here shortly once I'm finsihed a bit of fiddling with it. I think it still stands up pretty good and certainly enjoy the C.S Lewis bits intertwined with my own fuller descriptions of Charn, Jadis and so on.

It features the Seventh Doc and Ace, hardly a shocker since they were always my favorites to write about. It also features the Sixth Doctor in a very sad and tragic but heroic role. Part of me writing this story was to give the Sixth Doctor some kind of heroic purpose as it seemed to me that he had been so royally shafted and a promising run cut so short.

And of course, anyone who gets a chance to take a wander around the locations of "The Magician's Nephew" would jump at it, so I did and took the two Doctors and Ace along with me.

If you're a Narnia fan, watch this space.


  2005.04.30  15.19
Winter: Servalan's Christmas

The noise from the outer office broke the Lady Servalan out of her moody introspective thoughts. Laughter, conversation and muffled thumps reached her inner office. She got up to look, walking silently out to the hall between her suite of offices and the main clerical area.

The scene that greeted her from the huge windows that took up most of the opposite wall silenced her questions about the noise. It was snowing. Not just a light flurry or a pleasant vista of flakes gently, picturesquely floating down through a pretty sky, but rather full storm raging snow. She walked over to the large windows, silencing the noisy clerks as she strolled right by where they were supposed to be sitting, doing Federation work. Jana and Harold almost feel over at the sight of Servalan casually strolling in and going over to stand by the main window.

Servalan was entranced. It hadn't snowed lke this for so long. She felt a tingle as old memories were re-activated. The dreams she'd been having of late. The old friends and others she had been thinking of the last while. Suddenly she felt so old, so sad. Watching the furious white storm, she realized just how alone she was, and had been for so long. Thinking of him, she woldn't allow herself to even think his name.

That poor doomed fool. That idealistic young man. The smile that he had flashed at her. The way his eyes would darken when he was angry or passionate. Servalan hugged her arms around herself, lost in thought.

" Lady? Uhmmm, Ma'am? " .

It took a few attempts by Harold to get her attention. He was holding something out to her. " It's uhhh tea. The heating system is finding the sudden storm hard to deal with. Myself and Jana always find a hot drink helps with the cold. "

Servalan stared at him. He didn't know how to react. He placed the cup of tea down on a flat surface beside her.

" It's there if you want it, Ma'am. " .

He went back to his desk.

Servalan stared at the drink. He had just brought her a drink without her asking. He had just thought she might like a drink. She couldn't remember the last time someone had done something thoughtful for her. All she could recall were the scared faces and double-crossed victims. She picked up the tea and took a sip. It was perfect.

" Thank you, clerk? ", she spoke.

Harold looked up. " Harold, Milady, Harold Fontel" .

She nodded. " Thank you Harold. "

She turned back to the windows. The storm showed no signs of letting up. " What was all that noise about earlier, Harold? "

Harold went to speak. Jana hissed at him, shaking her head side to side vigorously.

"Christmas Eve, Lady Servalan. It's Christmas Eve by the old Calendar and we, I mean I got a bit carried away with the snow and all that. "

Servalan nodded.

" It's like something out of an old Vid-Fantasy series" , Harold added.

Servalan could see his face in the glass, her old long dead friend. " Indeed it is, Harold. Indeed it is", she said as she sipped her tea and watched the world get snowed over.


  2005.04.30  13.49

Blakes Seven: Winter was the first major fanfic ongoing series I undertook after doing a series of Dr.Who pieces of original fiction and articles ( reviews, opinion pieces and so forth) . Winter was the first large-scale project I did in fanfic and one which I tackled like a new series of an old tv show and one in which I wrote some nine episodes and two feature-length segments.

The series was left hanging due to various things; me moving between the US and Ireland and not having time or computer resources to complete it, various scripts being lost ( some of my best writing ever was lost in a computer crash which disillusioned me for a while) and wanting to do more original work and not spend so much time on fanfic ( which, as anyone who has ever done it "properly" knows, can take up a hell of a lot of time).

But there are a lot of ideas in it that I always liked and never got to play out to their plotted conclusions and a lot of characters that I would have liked to develop more and use in interesting situations.

So with the new domain http://www.thecolin1 and the archiving of older material as well as the creation of two fiction communities on my lj, I decided to do some new Winter Episodes and see how it goes.

Because it's been so long and because not everyone will want to wade through all the older episodes, I'll be doing a "bridging" story which will bring new readers up to speed and give original readers a quick refresher course in "PREVIOUSLY IN BLAKES SEVEN : WINTER" .

For now, anyone curious as to what's coming up can read below for a quick recap of Winter so far.

* It's twenty years on and Political prisoner Vila has just escaped from maximum security prison with the help of terrorist Kela, martial artist and weapons expert. Pushed to the point of snapping, Vila has conquered his fear of life and is ready to take on the Federation in a final battle to the death.

* President Kerr Avon is furious at the prison break as it interferes with his own carefully laid plans. The Lady Servalan, in her capacity as chief advisor to the President is suspicious of everyone's motives. Part of the plan in putting Avon in the Presidency was to control his resources and to be able to watch him carefully.

* A shadowy figure is in regular contact with President Avon, cautioning him to be careful and get the Vila situation under control or else.

* Vila and Kela begin to form a new crew of rebels with which they can fight back against the Imperial Tyranny of the Federation, a crew aided greatly by the meeting with a group of mysterious aliens who present them with an updated version of the first ship that Vila travelled in with Blake's crew of rebels, The Liberator Mark II

* A shady character called Rann Zero has been missing for years and suddenly re-appears. A known associate of Hannah Avon, mother of Kerr, Zero is number one on the Federal Govt's wanted list. But who is Rann Zero and why has he reappeared now, after all these years?

* A young Servalan at a crucial point in her life is taken from her timestream in an alternate universe and placed elsewhere. Why? How? and to whose benefit?



  2005.04.30  13.48


* Colony Sigma-Teta 6: Young Jessica veron doesn't feel good. Her body has started to manifest strange markings and suddenly she hears the whispered voices of the hundred thousand dead. "The Key", they tell her. "The key is in you" .

* Villa and crew are caught in a galactic storm and displaced to somewhere beyond imagination where they run into some familiar faces and find the answers to some very old questions.

* A loner hiding out on a desolate moon starts to remember things he never knew before.

* The Blake Protocols are about to be initiated and history is going to change, forever.



  2005.04.30  13.34


* Why is there a liberator class zero ship sitting in a hangar on Federation Research Station BRAVO 17 with seven mummified corpses intact?

* Why is a young Servalan from alternate universe Codename NAPOLEAN missing, and where has she gone?

* Who is Rann Zero and what is his connection to Hannah Avon, mother of Federation President, Kerr Avon?




  2005.04.25  00.56
Inside the (fanfic) actor's studio. ( part two)

Continuing the intrepid adventures of Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Alred, Prof.James Lipton and an audience of hundreds of familiar faces.

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  2005.04.24  22.10
Inside the (fanfic) actor's studio. ( part one)

Simple question- not so simple answer. What I was going to do was waffle on about why I prefer to write Sylvester McCoy ( and usually Ace) over other Doctors when it comes to Whovian Fanfic. But instead I thought I'd invite James Lipton and Sylvester and Sophie Alfred to this entry where they can share with you why I would rather write them than anyone else. Read more...Collapse )

( to be continued)


  2005.04.23  23.45
Notes and thoughts on zero

This is kinda self-indulgent wank so it's lj-cut in case you just don't care. It's being written and posted cause I wanted to get some thoughts out on a story I just finished. Read more...Collapse )


  2005.04.23  23.08
Doctor Who Zero: The whole story.

Well, here it is, finally, in its entirety, the dr.who year zero story that I came up with to tie together a few ideas I had concerning the origins of the Doctor on Gallifrey and what would cause such a person from such a priviliged background to abandon his home and go off travelling around the universe and timestream in a less than perfect craft. The weirdest thing about writing this was to strike a balance between the first doctor and what he would have been like as a young man.

I know it's a bit bloody long but anyone who's started out thinking they're in charge of a story, and then discovered that the actual characters would decide when or where the story would end, can sympathise with that particular circumstance. And yes, I have changed virtually all of the clips and previews that I posted up on thecolin1 lj and thefanfic1 community; again, it's one of those things whereby a story changes and mutates as it goes on, which necessitates many little changes throughout the whole thing.

Above all else, it's fanfic, its fun so I hope you all enjoy it.

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  2005.04.23  08.16

Meg wants me to do this. So I'll put up three links and leave it at that. The first two are stand alone stories with nothing more than a PG rating. The third one is an R rating. I occasionally write fic dealing with a Doctor-companion relationship. The first two stories don't have that in them. The third does. If you want further explanation before reading them, let me know. I don't believe in people reading what they don't want to. :D

Fanfic Title: Pirates of Epsilon 3
Authors Name: warinbabylon
Rating: Gen. PG
Challenge Response/Individual Fic: Individual
Synopsis: Epsilon 3 is a peaceful planet, nestled in the Mutter's Spiral near Gallifrey. And that fact could prove to be its undoing. Takes place between Visitation and Black Orchid.

Pirates of Epsilon 3

Fanfic Title: Planet of Blood
Authors Name: warinbabylon
Rating: Gen. PG
Challenge Response/Individual Fic: Individual
Synopsis: Returning from delivering the Gravis to Frontios, the Doctor and Tegan find themselves waylaid by an old ally. The trip will prove to be a test of both their wills and souls and their companionship.

Planet of Blood

There's a bit of vampirism in that one. Just a warning.

And finally:

The R rated one.

Fanfic Title: Noites dos Sonhos
Authors Name: warinbabylon
Rating: Gen. R/Nc-17
Challenge Response/Individual Fic: Individual
Synopsis: Takes place sometime after Resurrection of the Daleks. Tegan has decided to stay on with the TARDIS crew, but things are different between her and the Doctor. Something has changed. In an effort to improve their communication and friendship, the Doctor takes her to Carnival in the twenty second century. But as usual, they are plunged into trouble from the word go.

Noites dos Sonhos

Hey Meg! That good for you? :)


  2005.04.23  17.38
Fic: Replacements (Kira & Odo)

Title: Replacements
Summary: For cruisedirector, a short Kira/Odo conversation, set at the end of season 6.
Disclaimer: Not mine, don't hurt me.
Thanks to: Jen, Vic, Dot, Melissa, and Pete, as always.

Kira sat in Sisko's chair, feeling like a fraud.

She was used to command. She was even used to commanding DS9 -- Sisko had taken leave before, even once or twice of his own choice rather than obeying Bashir's orders.

But not like this.

Not with Dax dead. Not with the wormhole closed and Sisko gone, perhaps forever.
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  2005.04.23  15.34
Your turn...

Come on, warinbabylon, it's not like you to be shy. ::g:: Link to some of your stuff here, sweetie, Lian & Colin (I'm not sure about Aeryn) are BIG Doctor Who fans and you write good stuff!

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  2005.04.23  14.10
And the fanfic begins.....

Well, it's already finished, technically, but I'm linking here anyway. ::g:: Just some of my favourites from stuff I've already written.

Title: Snap, Crackle & Oh My God My Eyes (The Age-Appropriate Remix)
Author: Meg (legendmf@lycos.com)
Summary: Buffy and Willow get into trouble, and Xander learns a Very Special Lesson about hormones.

Title: Hard Day's Knight
Summary: Cordy has to save Angel - and, incidentally, the world. Written very late as a pinch-hit for the lovely wickedprincess3, for the Apocalypticficathon. Full details after the story.

Title: Shake That Thing!
Summary: Buffy and Giles go see Ray Charles. Written for venus_blue as part of the Fluffathon.

Title: Hiding
Summary: Written for the fabulous fleurdeleo for the TOS Ficathon. Her requests are at the end. McCoy hides away.

Title: A Private Collection. Star Trek: The Original Series.
Summary: Written for 15minuteficlets's latest word. McCoy vignette.
Similar in some ways to musesfool's poignant Mine Eyes Dazzle; a wonderful Xander story set after very recent developments in the Angel universe. NOT meant as plagiarism!!!

Title: Out of Phase (Angel: The Series, Fred/Spike)
Summary: Set in the early episodes of season 5, Fred tries another method to solidify Spike. Written for the fabulous Jeanny, for Yuletide.

Title: Depth Perception
Summary: Extremely late Christmas/birthday present for melwil. Xander & Dawn, post-Chosen, mildly humorous ::g::.

Title: I Can't Get No Satisfaction
Summary: Written in response to 15minuteficlets. Go there if you want to see the word. Xander has a dilemma...

Title: Time and Again
Summary: Written for 15minuteficlets. Though I cheated and took about 30 minutes! The Doctor and Zoe search for Jamie.

That'll do, pig. That'll do.

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  2005.04.22  23.31
Fanfic Update

Just a quick hello to everyone reading or writing or commenting or anything in this community. I'm delighted at the level of support and interaction we're getting in here so far and for anyone who wants further good news on the fanfic front, I'll be including prominent links to my own lj and the two comunities ( this one and an original fiction one) attached to it when I get the new infrastructure for my domain http://www.thecolin1 finished.

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  2005.04.22  14.49
Doctor Who Zero: Prologue


by colin d fox

The Council Chambers were in uproar. The Inner Council were roaring for order. Nothing of this sort had ever happened before in the history of Gallifrey. Armed troops marching into the council. It was unthinkable. Bryas stood up to voice his disapproval and a stern rebuke stoppd him. He craned his neck to see if his ears were playing tricks on him but it was who he had thought. It was him...Read more...Collapse )


  2005.04.22  01.02
doctor who zero: an overview

Doctor Who Zero

by Colin D Fox

“Frythia, this is what my entire life has been leading up to- the entrance to the upper chamber. Under Chancellor Maxol has assured me I’m a shoe-in. This is my dream come true and I can’t afford to do anything to jeopardize it. I can’t go with you, I’m sorry. “ Frythia looked away. “ Okay. I’m sorry you can’t see past your own personal gain, DOCTOR, I guess you’re not the type of man I thought you were.“ Read more...Collapse )


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